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Double H Quarter Horse Ranch

Calf Ropn Lowry

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Calf Ropn Lowry

1996 Blue Roan Stallion
AQHA Reg. #3523957
15.2 HH, 1413lbs.


Calf Ropn Lowry is an excellent example of the finest in foundation horse
breeding. Sire “Lowry Star” was the #1 Stallion in the Foundation Quarter Horse
Registry. The Lowry Star get, like this stallion, have the athletic ability and
temperament, which give you the owner the best chance of winning in the arena
or getting an honest days work if you are a ranch cowboy.

Colts by him should serve you well, whether you are a working cowboy, a
week-end trail rider, or wanting to compete in the rodeo arena.

Lowry Star is known for his predominant blue roan color that he passes on to his

  Name CALF ROPN LOWRY Reg. No. 3523957  
Color BLUE ROAN Sex STALLION Year Foaled    1996
   Owner GARY HARRIS Address CARNDUFF, SK.  
Roan Hancock
Lowry Hancock   Roan  35  0000456
    Roan  48  0020979 Lowry Girl 2
Lowry Hancock Jr     Gray  34  0009234
    Roan  58  0073147   Broke Shoulder
  Snip  Sa Wa Na   U0068800 n/a
    Bay  39  0010324 Maud 3
  Lowry Star   U0224844 n/a
Sire   Blue Roan  76  1238198 Boomer
  Goober   Sorrel  40  0001016
      Sorrel  47  0013982 Dinger
  Pretty Mandy     Dun  42  0002714
  Black  57  0101168   Goober
Miss Ten Sleep   Sorrel  47  0013982
  Bay  52  0043970 Topsy Smith
  Sorrel  47  0037116
Billy Band Bar
Billy Quick Bar   Bay  62  0356841
    Bay  69  0689211 Quick Away
Quick Leo Bar     Black  59  0162718
    Bay  74  1032148   Leo D Junior
  Leo Bobbi   Chestnut  62  0199790
    Bay  69  0689211 Bobbi Sue Jordan
  Quick Edge Leo   Sorrel  62  0233590
Dam   Bay  80  1636417 Red Ace
  Boots Zimmerman   Sorrel  41  0001699
      Sorrel  48  0023764 Snipe
  Miss Edge Boots     Black  41  0003317
  Sorrel  67  0499530   Raw Edge
Miss Edge Jordan   Brown  58  0081976
  Bay  62  0201342 Miss Pollyanna
  Sorrel  50  0024250

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