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Jacs Gold Card
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Jacs Gold Card

1998 Palomino Stallion
AQHA Reg. #3765210
15HH, 1169LBS.


Jacs Gold Card is a well-balanced stallion with a good head that comes out level
with a good soft eye. He has a good sloop to the shoulder making for an eas
riding horse. He is long in the underline and short in the back. His colts have good
colour and the ability to compete in the arena of your choice. Jac is very easy
going and passes this on to his get.

Jacs Gold Card is the grandson of Hollywood Jac 86 on the top side and goes
back to Beau Bonanza on the bottom side. Top and bottom have many proven
performance records.

  Name JACS GOLD CARD Reg. No. 3765210  
Color PALOMINO Sex STALLION Year Foaled     1998
   Owner GARY HARRIS Address CARNDUFF, SK,  
Easter King   Bay  32  0000234
    Sorrel  51  0040406 Gocha H
Hollywood Jac 86     Bay  40  0018067
    Red Dun  67  0592185   Hollywood Gold
  Miss Hollywood   Dun  40  0002220
    Palomino  47  0020069 Miss Buggins
  Great Jac 91   A0028454 n/a
Sire   Chestnut  91  3050985 Poco Bright Star
  Great Pine   Sorrel  60  0124389
      Sorrel  66   0410616 Crier's Betty
  Greatvaqueroette     Sorrel  57  0090125
  Chestnut   84  2253796   Vaquero King
Vaquero Cuban   Sorrel  53  0040091
  Black  62  0215476 Cuban Lady 6
Bay  58  0127520
Coy's Bonanza
Beau Bonanza   Sorrel  59  0143099
    Sorrel  69  0618947 Dawson Beauty
Beaus My Daddy     Sorrel  56  0056916
    Sorrel  76  1181385   Monte's Pete
  Miss Ponjet   Sorrel  56  0072201
    Dun  64  0333152 Doll Baby Red
  Too Tuff to Pick   Dun  59  0152186
Dam   Palomino  85  2501603 Tuff Bob
  Mr Tuff McCue   Palomino  55  0071367
      Palomino  59  0103944 Daisy's Queen
  Tuffetta Skip     Palomino  53  0041055
  Palomino  75  1171678   Skip a Barb
Miss Me Barb   Sorrel  60  0141473
  Sorrel  68  0537575 Salute Me too
  Bay  63  0254257

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