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Teejay Roan Hancock
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Teejay Roan Hancock

1996 Red Roan Stallion
AQHA Reg. #3509987
15.2 HH, 1133 LBS.


Teejay Roan Hancock has a good head with a soft eye. The neck is in good
proportion to the body and it comes out of the shoulders level. The shoulders and
hip angles match giving you a balanced body, which is athletic. He has good
height to the withers meaning he should carry a saddle well. He has straight legs
with good bone and good oval shaped hooves of an appropriate size. His pedigree
of Blue Valentine on the top of his papers and Jackie Bee on the bottom of his
papers gives you a true indication of his athletic ability.

  Name TEEJAY ROAN HANCOCK Reg. No. 3509987  
Color RED ROAN Sex STALLION Year Foaled    1996
   Owner GARY HARRIS Address CARNDUFF, SK.  
Joe Hancock
Red Man   Brown  23  0000455
    Roan  35  0001685 Burnett Roan  Mare
Blue Valentine     U0069050 n/a
    Roan  56  0097116   Valentine
  Beauty's Dream   Black  27  0025263
    Black  38  0001391 Hoicak's Beauty
  Blues Kingfisher   Black  33  0001390
Sire   Brown  77  1304911 Robin Reed
  Reedart   Sorrel  49  0028978
      Sorrel  59  0113936 Artemis
  Missus Robin     Sorrel  49  0029525
  Chestnut  66  0457329   Begger's Bar
Machero   Chestnut  56  0108101
  Chestnut  61  0181211 Sweetwater
  Chestnut  52  0034005
Sonny Day Bee
Jimmy Mac Bee   Dun  50  0038547
    Dun  58  0092825 Miss Hackberry
Jackie Bee     Bay  54  0046153
    Gray  62  0205387   Jack R
  Jackie Diane   Chestnut  45  0018641
    Gray  57  0121218 My Jackie Waggoner
  Tee J Red Bar   Gray  51  0087172
Dam   Sorrel  77  1266890 Barred
  Mid Bar   Chestnut  46  0011990
      Chestnut  52  0043449 Belle of Midnight
  Red Belle Bar     Chestnut  43  0005033
  Chestnut  61  0178262   Red Wolf
Hodge's Princess   Sorrel  43  0008426
  Dun  50  0128243 Leslie Joe
  Dun  43  0020106

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