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Box 511
Carnduff, SK
S0C 0S0 Canada

Double H Quarter Horse Ranch
Over 100 quarter horse colts born annually
Gary & Merle Harris

  Ph. 306-482-5154
Fax. 305-482-322

Cracker Jack Jack

Cracker Jack is saddle horse of choice by Merle and Gary's daughter in law for riding all over the ranch. When under saddle it is hard to tell he is a stud.

Beautiful dark red sorrel
Born March 24, 1992 Marietta, Oklahoma
14.2 hands and 1374 pounds
October 2004

Cracker Jack Jack is very wide between a big pair of very soft eyes. He has a well balanced very athletic body. He is very deep in the heart girth giving him tremendous lung capacity. He has strong loins and hindquarters for maximum power and stability. His athletic ability is demonstrated by the following list of achievements. He has a very laid back personality and will sire colts that are not only very athlectic but also of quiet disposition.

 Bryan Lonski - Amateur Photographer

* Open World Show Qualifier Sr Heading - 1998
* Open Superior Dally Team Roping Heading - 1998
* Open World Show Qualifier Jr Hearding - 1997
* Open World Show Qualifier Jr. Heeling - 1997
* Open World Show Qualifier Jr. Heading - 1996
* Open Performance Register of Merit - 1996
* 52 Dally Heading Points
* 28.5 Dally Heeling Points
* Halter Point Earner