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Double H Quarter Horse Ranch
Our Location
Bankers Gray Kid
Cracker Jack Jack
Additional Stallions

 Bankers Grey Kid

 When we started in the equine ranching business, we wanted to raise the very best horse possible. Thus we acquired Bankers Grey Kid (AQHA Champion) as one of the cornerstones of our breeding program.

Bankers Grey Kid has proven to be a superior halter and performance horse in acquiring his AQHA Champion certification. Many of the mares in our breeding program carry the Banker bloodlines.

Over the years we have made every effort to acquire the very best stallions we could afford in order to bring to you above average colts in terms of potential. It is our goal to breed colts that have the conformation and athletic ability which will enable you to compete in any arena.

 Banker Grey Kid
15.2 - 1250 pounds
AQHA Champion

 Gary & Merle Harris
Box 511
Carnduff, Sk S0C 0S0

 Each year we foal more than 100 top quaility colts. They are all sold via public auction in September & October. With our shorthanded extremely busy summer season it is not practical to sell them individually off the ranch unless someone buys 5 to 10 head. To get on a mailing list for information about upcoming auctions. Click here


Look at our other fine stallions by clicking on head shot
(These pictures were taken in the fall of 2004 by us amateur photographers, we have tried to show them as best we could. These stallions run with the mares for the months of June and July. At the time of these pictures, they had been without work for about 4 months. We hope you enjoy looking at them, they are very good horses.)

  Foundation BredCalf Ropn Lowery
Calf Ropn Lowry
15.2 - 1413 pounds

Rope Horse  Cracker Jack Jack
Cracker Jack Jack
14.2 - 1373 pounds

Palimino  Dancin Docs Benny
Dancin Docs Benny
14.2 - 1204 pounds

Well built
Palimino  Jacs Gold Card
Jacs Gold Card
15.0 - 1169 pounds

Foundation Bred
Rope Horse Jee Tee Whippit
Jay Tee Whippit
15.2 - 1423 pounds

 Gentel temperment transmitted
Magic Treasure Twist
Magic Treasure Twist
15.1 - 978 pounds

 New Stallion with great potential
Royal Pain
Skip's Royal Pain
15.2 - 1062 Pounds

A fine running type foundation
TeeJay Roan Hancock
15.2 - 1133 pounds

Home raised from a very good mareUnion Jac
Union Jac Solan
15.1 - 1090 Pounds