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Box 511
Carnduff, SK
S0C 0S0 Canada

Double H Quarter Horse Ranch
Over 100 quarter horse colts born annually
Gary & Merle Harris

  Ph. 306-482-5154
Fax. 305-482-322

Jacs Gold Card - Beautiful Palimino

 A vey nice palimino stallion

Born May 11, 1998
15 hands and 1169 pounds in October 2004

Jacs Gold Card is a well balanced stallion with a good head that comes out level with a good soft eye. He has a good slope to the shoulder making for an easy riding horse. As you can see by this photo he is long in the underline and short in the back. His colts will have good color and should be able to compete in the arena of your choice. I would be proud to own a colt from this stallion.

  Bryan Lonski - Amateur Photographer

       Easter King
     Hollywood Jac 86  
       Miss Hollywood
   Great Jac 91    
       Great Pine
       Vaquero Cuban
 Jacs Gold Card      
       Beau Bonanza
     Beaus My Daddy  
       Miss Ponjet
   Too Tuff To Pick    
       Mr. Tuff McCue
     Tuffetta Skip  
       Miss Me Barb