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Box 511
Carnduff, SK
S0C 0S0 Canada

Double H Quarter Horse Ranch
Over 100 quarter horse colts born annually
Gary & Merle Harris

  Ph. 306-482-5154
Fax. 305-482-322

Reining Type Quarter Horse Stallion
Magic Treasure Twist

This well built stallion has a lot of run in his back ground. Merle says this stallion has a fine temperament which is inherited by his foals. His colts will be a little smaller type horse with fine heads and should make ideal mounts for young people and those who are a little lighter. He is well put together and stands very square on all four legs.

  Bryan Lonski - Amateur Photographer

 Magic Treasure Twist

Born May 2, 1988
15.0 hands and 978 pounds
October 2004

      Top Moon
    Sailing Moon  
       Miss Pines
   Sailing Magic    
       Leo Royal Bars
       Kinda Dry

 Magic Treasure Twist
       Three Chicks
     Chick Chater  
       Cindy Band

 Chick Twist Coulee
       Deben Mccue
     Treasure Mccue  
       Adair Twist