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Box 511
Carnduff, SK
S0C 0S0 Canada

Double H Quarter Horse Ranch
Over 100 quarter horse colts born annually
Gary & Merle Harris

  Ph. 306-482-5154
Fax. 305-482-322

Foundation Type Quarter Horse Stallion
Jay Tee Whippet

 Here is one fine foundation type stallion. This good looking bay roan stallion is the type that everyone is looking for when they want to compete in the arena. Before he came to serve as a herd stallion he proved himself in the roping arena. He has a good short back, long underline and massive handquarters which makes him really a fine cowboys horse. You stand a very good chance with his get to raise a colt that will work well on the ranch, trail rides or the rodeo arena.


Born May 23, 1989
Stands 15.2 hands and weighs 1433 pounds
October 2004

       Jimmy Mac Bee
     Jackie Bee  
       Jackie Diane
   Tee J Whippet    
       My Red Money
     Dee Red Money  
       Irvin's Babe
 Jay Tee Whippet      
       Two Eyed Jack
     Two Eyed Twist  
       Rev's Cutie
   Chirp Jacktwist    
       Spear Twist
     Caprice Twist  
       Pretty May Belle