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Box 511
Carnduff, SK
S0C 0S0 Canada

Double H Quarter Horse Ranch
Over 100 quarter horse colts born annually
Gary & Merle Harris

  Ph. 306-482-5154
Fax. 305-482-322

Tee Jay Roan Hancock - Red Roan

Tee Jay Roan Hancock

Born April 1996 - Stands 15.2 hands and weight is 1133 pounds October 2004 when pictures below were taken
These are some pictures taken by novice photographers but we hope they show you the best of this stud

In describing this horse I would say that he has a good head with a soft eye, the neck is in good proportion to the body and it comes out of the shoulders level. The shoulders and hip angles match giving you a balanced body which is athletic. He has good height to the withers meaning he should carry a saddle well. He has straight legs with good bone and good oval shaped hooves of an appropriate size.

  Bryan Lonski - Amateur Photographer

     Blue Valentine
   Blues Kingfisher  
     Missus Robin
 Teejay Roan Hancock    
     Jackie Bee
   Tee J Red Bar  
     Red Belle Bar